How much does it cost me?

Compared to unpaid claims and cost of postage, claim forms, patient statements, and labor; you as a provider wind up with a greater income. Our experience has been after deducting for our cost, provider net revenues have always increased.

How do you handle rejected claims?

Generally our audit and edit process helps correct claims before they are sent, however on the rare occasion a claim is rejected our staff diligently researches and corrects the issue to get the provider paid .

What is my responsibility as a provider?

As a healthcare provider your first objective would be the well-being of your patients. Our goal is to help the provider attend to their needs. Although information will need to be gathered at the place of service, we're here to make your collections complete.

Will I be able to access my account?

Yes! We provide each client with access to our database through a thin client. A member of our staff will set up your connection and be available for tutorial and support at your convenience.

Who receives EOB's and Insurance Payments?

You as the provider will receive all payments.

How do I send you patient information and superbills/fee tickets?

There are a number of scenarios that can be utilized, the preferred method being scanning documents and emailing directly to Data Entry, however, a toll free fax is always available.